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Millions of miniature video cameras are sold each year and many are being used by spies and voyeurs to catch unsuspecting victims during their most private moments.

  • A couple found a pinhole camera in the bedroom of their rented apartment that was installed by their landlord
  • A camera was found installed in the changing room of a county pool and used to tape female lifeguards while they changed
  • A major clothing retailer installed hidden cameras in changing rooms


News & Updates

Sept 16, 2004 - Hidden Camera Found in Restroom of State Office

An employee at the New Mexico State Department of Transportation made an unsettling discovery when a video camera was found in a unisex restroom. More>>>

May 3, 2004 SpyFinder Technology Featured on CSI: Miami

The hit CBS show CSI Miami featured the SpyFinder technology in an episode that first aired on May 3, 2004.  More>>>

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